Senior Machinery Software Engineer


Senior Machinery Software Engineer

A Reputed Company from Europe with Products of Semiconductor Equipment

The hiring company is a provider of semiconductor equipment, from Europe, they have 30 branches around the world, in China, they are sfaffed with 250 employees , to meet with the fast expansion, they are now hiring a high caliber as following

Job Title: Senior Machinery Software Engineer
Repoting: Engineering Head in China
Location: Dongguan, Songshan Lake

Job Responsibilities:
1.. 焊接机械和干燥和涂布系统产品开发设计中的软件开发设计;
Software development for control systems forReflow soldering system, drying and coating systems
2. Familiar with Visual Studio (VS 2022 prof. version) development environment. And add, delete or modify the list of Visual Studio plug-ins and extensions.
熟悉Visual Studio(VS 2022 prof. version)开发环境,增删和修改Visual Studio的插件和扩展列表
3. According to customer requirement, conduct feasibility assessment and demand analysis of equipment software, and be responsible for equipment software development, programming implementation and system debugging
4. Support of plant software in the field of PLC, HMI, MES and Industry 4.0.
5. Finish the job from the superior.

Job Qualification:
. 本科及以上学历,电子、电气或自动化类专业;
Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Electronics, Electric Engineering or Automatization.
2. 五年以上电子类产品的开发经验;
At least 5 years of experience in developing electronics products.
3. 精通嵌入式软件开发语言(汇编及C语言);
Proficient in embedded software development language (Assembly Language and C Language).
4. 熟悉模拟、数字电路以及嵌入式单片机系统设计;
Experienced in design of analog and digital circuits as well as development of SCM embedded systems.
5. 熟悉电机驱动控制、控制/显示仪表类产品的软件开发;
Experience in software development for electric motor driving systems, control/display panel products is preferred.
6. 良好的独立工作能力、沟通能力和团队合作能力;
Capable of working independently, good communication skills, team player.
7. 良好的英语能力;
Good command of English language.职能类别:嵌入式软件开发(Linux/单片机/PLC/DSP等

(This position will study the company’s business and software in China for 1-1.5 years, with the opportunity to study with HQ team in Germany, and come back China to integrate fully independent Software department)

Key words (职位关键词): C#, MES, PLC, Visual Studio, 自动化机械, 上位机, 驱动接口

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