Sales Director


Sales Director

One Leading Company from USA with Air Cooler Products

The hiring company is an international company in the segment of air cooler. their products are suitable for indoor, outdoor, and semi-opened multiple environments and have been world-widely used in industry, public and spot areas trough the international channel including USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, China etc .

职位概述 Job Overview

1. 协助总经理制定工业机年度销售目标、经销商开发任务和销售政策,制定销售团队激励政策
Assist the General Manager in formulating annual sales targets, planning for dealer development as well as sales policies for the company’s products, and make out incentive policies for sales teams

2. 积极带领销售团队认真开展销售工作,把控每一个时间节点的销售进度,完成年度销售任务
leading the sales team to carry out sales work , controlling the sales progress , and completing annual sales tasks

3. 组织并完成经销商大会、经销商交流会以及经销商培训等各项工作,保持经销商网络的稳定发展
Organize and complete various tasks such as dealer conferences, dealer seminars, and training workshop to maintain the stable development of the dealer network

3. 协助总经理处理重要的事情,协调好公司内部积极处理销售问题及协调市场部门工作,提升公司的美誉度和影响力
Assist the General Manager in handling important matters, handling sales issues within the company, and coordinate the work of the marketing department to enhance the company’s reputation

Job responsibilities:

1, 制定年度销售目标、任务分解、经销商开发任务、销售政策、价格政策和销售提成方案
Develop annual sales targets and related breakdown of targets, tasks for dealer development, sales policies, pricing, and sales commission plans

2. 制定部门销售预算、招聘计划、推广计划和培训计划;
Develop the sales budgets, recruitment plans, promotion plans, and training plans;

3, 把控每一个销售时间节点的完成情况,并制定相应的措施助力销售团队和经销商提升业绩,达成公司制定的销售目标任务;
Control the completion status of each sales timeline and develop corresponding measures to assist the sales team and dealers in improving performance and achieving the sales goals and tasks;

4, 协助公司组织开展产品与应用技术推广会,加强企业与设计院的项目合作,发展有工程总承包资质的工程公司成为我们的合作伙伴;
Assist the company in organizing the meetings for the promotion for the product and applications, strengthen cooperation between enterprises and related institutes, and develop engineering companies with qualifications to become our partners;

5, 积极收集行业发展动态和客户需求信息,为公司开发新产品提供建设性建议;
Actively collect industry development trends and customer demand information, and provide constructive suggestions for the company’s development of new products;

6. 完善企业宣传资料和招投标资料,尤其是收集和编制企业的案例介绍,提高企业的知名度;
Improve corporate promotional materials and bidding materials, especially collect and compile case studies to enhance the company’s visibility in the market;

7, 协助接待来访的经销商,代理商和其他客户;
Assist in receiving visiting dealers, agents, and other customers;

8, 公司或总经理安排的其它工作任务
Other tasks assigned by general manager.



College degree or above;

2. 3年以上的销售经验在冷气机行业
More than 3 years of sales experience in the air conditioning industry

3. 有相关的团队管理能力;
Possess relevant team management skills;

4. 能承担工作压力及独立工作
Able to work under pressure and work independently

5. 积极主动,学习能力强,良好组织及沟通能力
Proactive, strong learning ability, good organizational and communication skills

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