Sustainable Development Manager


Sustainable Development Manager

A Leading Company from Europe with consumer equipment products

Our client is specialized company from Europe with consumer equipment products, consisting of 9 manufacturer bases around the world, with R&d Center in China and 1,200 employees in Dongguan Site, Now with the business Fast expansion, they are looking for

职位: 可持续发展经理

Position: Sustainable Development Manager


职责 Responsibilities


1. 熟悉掌握数据管理和报告系统;

1. Familiar with and proficient in data management and reporting systems;

2. 较强的沟通和协调能力,尤其是与高级管理层的沟通和沟通能力;

2. Strong communication and coordination skills, especially with senior management;

3. 较强的人际关系、影响力和人际交往能力,能够在各个层面发展和谐关系;

3. Strong interpersonal relationships, influence, and interpersonal skills, able to develop harmonious relationships at all levels;

4. 良好的团队精神,积极主动;

4. Good team spirit, proactive and proactive;

5. 具有战略思维.

5. Have strategic thinking


相关经验 Related Experience

Related Experience

* 3年或以上规模公司 ISO14001 体系经验,并拥有体系搭建、维护和可持续发展实践经验

*At least 3 years of experience in ISO14001 system construction, maintenance, and sustainable development practices in a large-scale company

* 本科或以上 (环境工程、地理与人文环境等相关专业)

*Bachelor degree or above (Environmental engineering, geography, humanistic environment and other related majors)

* 流利的英语

*Fluent English


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