Senior Sales Manager- Aftermarket & Industrial


Senior Sales Manager- Aftermarket & Industrial

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A Global Leading Company with Connecting Products

The company is a global and leading manufacturer of connecting solutions with a history of more than 80 years, now running the business in Europe, American and  Asia with around 2,000 professional team members around the world with more than 10 production sites including 5 Design Centers , their products are applied into crossed industries such as Automotive,  General Industries and Life science and Others


They have been in China for more than 30 years with the head office in Shanghai and manufacturing center in North China with around 500 team members now. Currently they are looking for a high caliber to gain a stronger foothold in the connecting sector and further strengthens its position as one of the leading suppliers of connecting solution to the automotive and general industrial sector, As the business expansion, now hiring

Job Title:   Senior Sales Manager- Aftermarket & Industrial

Report to: Sales Director

Dot lined to Asia CEO


Location: Shanghai, Pudong


Job Duties:

  • Develop market intelligence with the focus on given Industry.
  • Initiate customer relationship to the new players maintain existing relationships
  • Understand customer requirements and generate potential business
  • Develop solutions to customer requirements
  • Support the transfer from customer requirements into new solution/services
  • Input for the development of sales and marketing strategies
  • Sales of the products
  • Achieve dedicated sales target
  • Handling of customer inquiries
  • Offer preparation, presentation and negotiation
  • Initiate, coordinate and execute sales projects up to start of serial production
  • Work in project teams
  • Provide forecast, manage order in-take and monitor delivery performance of dedicated customers
  • Submitting all reports as implemented inside sales department on time.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by superior.
  • Contact window of customers’ requirements of environment, coordinator of the review and approval procedures of environment

Job Requirements:

  • 5 -8 years above working experience in General industries for Sales ,5-8 年以上工业产品行业销售工作经验
  • Good know how of local market and local customer expectation,了解本地市场及客户期望
  • Good technical understanding,良好的技术理解能力
  • Ability to manage relationships including getting continuously new contact and maintaining relation network.,关系管理,包括持续建立新联络及维护关系网络
  • Sensitive to market information, ability to communicate through various channels to develop market intelligence. 对市场信息敏感,有能力通过不同渠道收集市场情报
  • Presentation skill and negotiation skill.,良好的沟通表达能力及谈判能力
  • Good Chinese and English communication, oral and writing.良好的中英文沟通能力(书面及写作)
  • Good working structure: plan for a visit, read previous reports, bring necessary tools, communicate, stick to target, arrange follow-up visit, complete open actions, time management, workload management.,良好的工作习惯:为出差和拜访做计划,阅读以往的报告,携带相关工具,交流,执着于目标,安排跟进计划,完成待办事项,时间管理,工作负荷管理


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