Senior IE Engineer


Senior IE Engineer

A dedicated European company with accessory products for audio industry

Our Client is a dedicated European company specialized in the field of consumer electronics including Audio accessories, Outdoor product ect , they operate business with footprints in major cities around the world including Stockholm, US- Dallas, Dongguan, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Seoul, and Taipei, Now with fast moving business growing-up, looking for the post as


Job Post: Senior IE Engineer,

Job location: Donguan

Reporting to: COO  (A Germany can speak Cantonese);


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Evaluate and analyze the working hours of products, calculate, and formulate standard working hours, and propose improvement and optimization points based on the production efficiency, process, and quality of products.
  2. Responsible for developing and maintaining product standard working hours/manpower allocation /equipment requirements/consumables requirements.
  3. Analyze and provide relevant data on manpower, equipment and materials needed to predict fluctuations based on orders.
  4. Responsible for the evaluation and improvement of production site efficiency, equipment efficiency and manpower efficiency, and enhance UPPH.
  5. Responsibility to look at a sketch design and cost it in terms of Standard Minute Value. And to be able to calculate yields.
  6. Coordinate the use of equipment, manpower and space according to order fluctuations, optimize resource utilization, establish, maintain, and improve IE basic data system such as project working hours, labor standard allocation and production line balance rate.
  7. Use IE’s methods and tools to drive continuous improvement, eliminate waste, save costs, and increase efficiency.
  8. Cooperate with Product Development Department (PD) and sample room to understand the process flow and determine the labor cost.
  9. Work with Product Development (PD) to follow up EVT/DVT/PVT stages to further determine costs.
  10. Work with the engineering department to follow up the production process during the mass production phase and design the manpower requirements plan to accurately control or further reduce the labor and material costs.


Job Requirements:

  1. An experienced and capable engineer from the soft goods industry.
  2. College degree or above.
  3. Good at utilizing the IE 7 tools flexibly and adept at TPS and lean production theory.
  4. Familiar Capacity planning, Headcount planning and Space utilization.
  5. Written and verbal skills in English
  6. Capable to speak in Cantonese is plus.

要申请此工作 请将您的详细情况发送到以下邮箱