Senior Design Engineer


Senior Design Engineer

A Leading Company from Europe with Plastic Hose Products

the company is recognized within the industry  as the leading global producer of plastic hose system solutions, running up the business from 1950s,now operateing from its global HQ in Europe with 6 factories globally, including Europe, USA and Mexico and China . They provide  the plastics product into for Industrial, Household, and Medical Equipment with the sales offices in the US, Europe, Australia, Spain and China. and In China Regional they are staffed by 250 located in two facilities, Now with fast moving business growing-up, tbey are looking for a caliber for the post of

Job Post: (Senior )Design Engineer, (高级)技术研发工程师

Job location: Suzhou

Job Responsibilities:
1.Evaluate the feasibility and cost of new products and new requirements;评估新产品、新需求的可行性及成本;
2.In charge of the new products development for customers , including material selection, product structure design, tooling design, making test plan, sample making, etc.有计划的执行客户新产品的开发工作,这包含选材、设计产品结构、设计成型零件、设计零件、安排统筹测试、样品制作等环节;

3.Good cooperation with sales, PM , plant engineers and plant quality department to ensure the smooth handover of new products, new projects and new processes to the factory与销售、项目经理、工厂工程师、工厂品质部门有良好的互动,确保新产品、新项目、新工艺顺利移交给工厂;

4.In charge of the research and development of innovative products , including brainstorming, project approval, material selection, product structure design, tooling design, making test plan, sample production and others有序开展创新产品的研发工作,这包含头脑风暴、立项、选材、设计产品结构、设计成型零件、安排统筹测试、样品制作等环节;

5.Making cost down plans according to factory requirements 配合工厂需求制定产品降本方案;

Job Requirements:
1.Bachelor degree in mechanical design, 3~5 years of development experience in plastic extrusion, plastic molding and other related industries机械设计专业本科毕业,有3~5年的塑料挤出、塑料成型等相关行业的开发工作经验;

2.Have expertise in mechanical design, are able to design product from scratch and make 3D drawings, Skillful in SolidWorks and CAD, and proficient in office software 具有机械设计专业知识,能够从零开始设计产品并制作3D图纸,熟练的SolidWorks、CAD绘图能力,熟练的办公软件操作能力;

3.Practical and pragmatic, hard-working, Excellent hands-on skills and out of box thinker 踏实务实、吃苦耐劳,优秀的动手能力和创新能力;

4.Good sense of responsibility, excellent sense of teamwork and excellent ability to analyze and solve problems 良好的责任心,优秀的团队合作意识及优秀的分析、解决问题的能力;

5.Good English communication skills, such as email, phone call, etc良好的英语沟通能力,如邮件、电话会议等.;

6.Be Proactive and can also follow the arrangement of leaders, and cooperate with overtime work and business trips (a small amount) when necessary积极主动并服从领导安排,有需要的时候可配合加班、出差(少量);


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