Senior Design Engineer (Good Salary)


Senior Design Engineer (Good Salary)

  • 天津

A leading company offering vehicle lights

A specialized company offering vehicle lights in the world , which has more than 80 years of history with manufacturing bases in Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Mexico, China, Ect, With more than 5,000 employees globally, supporting the clients such as VW, BMW, Benz Group, Fiat Group and GM Motors, Geely and Saic Motors… with fast moving of the business Development in China, now they are looking for


Job Title: Senior Design Engineer

Location: Tianjin City, Wuqing


Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Responsible for the design and development of automobile taillights, including drawing digital models and drawings; compiling inspection specifications, standards and instructions; tracking product test results. 负责汽车尾灯设计开发工作,包括绘制数模、图纸;编制检规、标准、说明书;跟踪产品试验结果
  2. Communicate with foreign headquarters design team and other departments, timely output design documents, cooperate with them to complete test, improvement, production and after-sales work. 与国外总部设计团队及相关部门积极沟通,及时输出各种设计文件,配合其完成试验、改进、生产、售后等工作
  3. Optimize product development process, product standards, test cases. 优化产品开发流程,产品标准,测试用例
  4. Connect with customers, solve the problems in the process of product development. 对接客户,解决产品开发过程中出现问题
  5. Responsible for product cost optimization, quality improvement, etc. 对所负责产品的成本优化,质量改进等



JOb Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above; Mechanical design, high polymer, mold related majors. 本科以上学历;机械设计,高分子,模具等相关专业
  • About 10 years experience with the automotive car light design and development experience. 10年左右汽车行业车灯设计开发经验
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.英语口语及书面熟练
  • Catia knowledge as fundamental level (inspection 3D data, cut sectioning, etc). 具备CATIA基础水平(检查3D数据,剖切等)

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