(Senior) Application Engineer


(Senior) Application Engineer

An Leading American Company with Connector Products

Our Client is a US company with a history of more than 60 years, they have been dedicated to the field of connectors for decades, with more than 10,000 employees, and more than 45 design centers and branches worldwide as well as 15 manufacturing facilities globally. With a sales revenue of $1 billion , their products are extensively applied in the industries of data centers, storage, high speed industrial, test and measurement, military, and medical etc.

In China they have 2 plants and Design Centers, with sales office in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen , Now with fast moving business growing-up, looking for the post as


Job Post: ( Sr) Application engineer-high speed Connector

Job location: Dongguan city

Reporting to: China Engineering Manager;


此职位将连接客户和厂内工程团队,提出和发展高速互联解决方案给客户,推送和管理新的和现用的同轴线缆,差分线缆方案给客户的高速线缆应用需求。需有活力,将致力服务于数据中心, 存储,高速工业,测试及测量,军用及医疗等目标市场,

Essential Functions/ Responsibilities 基本职能/职责:

  1. Cable Management of cable system application routing to include understanding mechanical, signal and thermal aspects of design on product performance in design application.线缆系统应用管理,包括在产品设计应用中了解机械,信号和散热效应方面的设计对产品性能的影响。
  2. Communicate directly with customers to understand their interconnect requirements and propose solutions using extensive array of cable assembly and board connector products. A main area of focus would be High-Speed Backplane Cables.


  1. Broker, design, and develop a portfolio of cable harness sleeves, board clips, laminated shuffles, and other cable routing management components.


  1. Generate 3D models and drawings in SolidWorks to promote the proposal.


  1. Assign custom part numbers and work with the Pricing group to generate formal quotations.


  1. Develop custom solutions from concept to a finished good.


  1. Communication skills and a high level of service are essential. Beyond direct customer interaction, this role interacts with all departments within the company (Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Quality, Operations, etc.)


  1. Excellent organizational and time management skills.


  1. Identification of market trends and voids with the goal of contributing the new product development roadmap and existing standard product enhancements.



Required Experience 经验要求:

  1. 5+ years of experience in cable routing management and application engineering is strongly preferred.


  1. Excellent English communication skills (verbal and written) are essential & required.


  1. Experience with high-speed backplane cable chassis is preferred.


  1. Design of custom products is required as this position will work with the customer to develop and design custom parts & applications from concept to development.



  1. Experienced in Signal Integrity & Thermal Engineering is desired.


  1. Experience in cable management and must be willing to become an expert of how to route cables.


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