Senior Acoustic Engineer


Senior Acoustic Engineer

官网 A specialized company from Europe with accessory products for the audio industry,

Our Client is a specialized company from Europe offering complex products and services for the  consumer electronic industry such as audio, they operate globally and have their business center located in major cities around the world including Europe, US, China, India, South Korea  fast moving business growing-up, looking for the post as


Job Post: Senior Acoustic Engineer

Job location: Huizhou

Reporting to: R&D manager

Job Responsibilities:

* Mainly responsible for earphone project, independently responsible for electroacoustic design and follow-up.

* Combined with the product’s structural and electronic design requirements, designed the overall acoustic scheme of the product.

* Responsible for the detailed design, specification, proofing and testing of electroacoustic components, such as driver & microphone.

* Conducted technical communication with software, electronics and structural engineers to complete the connection from design to manufacturing.

* Product production follow-up, exception handling, problem improvement, responsible for the production line electroacoustic test guidance, provide on-site technical support

Job Requirements:

* Familiar with electroacoustic design of headset products, with more than 5 years of experience in electroacoustic design.

* Have a certain understanding of electron, structure and material knowledge, Familiar with the material characteristics and production process of common electro-acoustic products.

* Proficient in MicroCap or other equivalent simulation software.

* Proficient in Soundcheck, AP and other test instruments.

* Experience in ANC development is preferred;

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