Sales Director (销售总监)


Sales Director (销售总监)

A specialized company from Europe providing steel Products

A specialized company orginally from Europe providing steel Products, has been in operations in China with manufacturing center in Qingdao for more than 10 years, with fast moving of business, now they are looking for

Job Title: Sales Director
Reporting to : GM
Location: Qingdao or Shanghai or Beijing, Flexible
Job Responsibilities:
* 销售计划的制定和实施,账款回收;
Sales plan formulation and implementation, account recovery
* 市场开拓,实现公司销售目标的增长;
Market development to achieve the company’s sales target growth;
* 客户关系维护和售后服务;
Customer relationship maintenance and after sales service;
* 建立健全市场部管理体系,制定完善的部门管理制度和相应的实施细则,并付诸于有效;
Establish and improve the management system of Marketing department, formulate a sound department management system and corresponding implementation rules, and put them into effect;
* 根据公司的经营目标统筹市场部的工作安排并制订工作计划;
According to the company’s business objectives, coordinate the work arrangement of the Department and work out the work plan;
* 负责本部门工作的分配、指导、监督和考核,并根据员工的工作业绩对其提出奖惩意见,持续改进本部门的工作绩效;
Be responsible for the allocation, guidance, supervision and assessment of the work of the Department, and put forward suggestions on rewards and punishments for employees according to their work performance, and continuously improve the work performance of the Department;
* 汇集、报告和处理本部门员工意见和建议;
Collect, report and deal with the opinions and suggestions of the Department staff;
* 加强本部门人员的专业培训,不断提高本部门人员的专业技能和工作效率
Strengthen the professional training of the Department staff, and constantly improve the professional skills and work efficiency of the Department personnel.
* 使本部门人员充分理解质量、环境、安全体系并使之贯彻执行;
Make the Department staff fully understand the quality, environment and safety system and implement it;
* 严格贯彻执行各项制度、流程及操作规范,并对执行情况进行监督检查;
Strictly implement various systems, processes and operation specifications, and supervise and inspect the implementation;
* 与相关部门进行有效的协调与沟通,积极配合其它部门的工作;
Coordinate and communicate with related departments and cooperate with other departments;
* 完成其它临时工作任务。
Complete other temporary tasks.
Job Requirements:
* 本科以上学历,市场营销、机械、焊接或国际贸易相关专业背景。
Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, machinery, welding or international trade.
* 市场营销、销售管理、国际贸易相关培训经历。
Training experience in marketing, sales management and international trade.
* 重工行业,风能,铁路等行业10年以上工作经验,5年以上销售相关管理工作经验,
More than 5 years working experience in heavy machinery, wind energy, railway industry, more than 3 years marketing management experience.
* 熟悉市场营销、国际贸易以及销售管理;
Familiar with marketing, international trade and sales management;
* 熟练使用办公软件和SAP软件;
Fluently use of Microsoft office, CAD, Solid works or other design software.
* 熟练的英文听、说、读、写能力。
Fluently English speaking, reading, listening and writing.
* 具有战略、策略化思维,有能力建立、整合不同的工作团队;
Be strategic and capable to setup, organize different kinds of teams.
* 具有解决复杂问题的能力;
Be capable to solve complicated issues.
* 很强的计划性和实施执行的能力;
Be methodic and organized
* 诚信、客观、严谨、负责、敬业;
Be trust-worthy, practical, precise, responsible and hardworking.
* 具有很强的人际沟通、协调、组织能力以及高度的团队精神。
Be perfect team worker and good at communicating, coordinating.

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