R&D Manager


R&D Manager


Our Client is an international company with headquarter in China and subsidiaries around the world including USA, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, a well-known and publicly listed company with electronic component products, to meet with the business growing, they are a high caliber to join with their team of R&D


Responsible for the design and development of new energy vehicle harness/connector products.

1. 负责APQP计划各阶段事项的制定及完成;

Be responsible for the milestone at each stage of the APQP plan;

2. 负责特殊特性清单,过程流程图,P-FMEA;

Be responsible for special characteristics list, flow chart, P-FMEA;

3. 负责产品从概念设计到量产阶段,包括结构,细节,公差分析,FMEA,样品制作,试产直至验证通过并移交量产;

Be responsible for the product cycle from conceptual design to mass production, including structuring, specification, tolerance analysis, FMEA, sample production, trial production until it is verified and handed over to mass production;

4. 跟进零部件和产品样品生产全过程,处理生产过程中的技术问题等;

Follow up the whole production process of parts and samples, and deal with technical problems in the production process;

5. 主导产品的测试验证;

Lead to test and verify the products;

6. 对接客户,按客户要求出具3D设计方案,2D图纸发行。

Work as the liaison with customers, issue 3D design plans and 2D drawings based on customers’ requirements.


Job requirements


Education background: bachelor degree, CET 4, major in vehicle engineering, mechanical design, electric automation, electronic engineering,etc.


Skills: skillfully at APQP, MSA, CP, PPAP, FMEA and SPC tools; Familiar with TS16949 system;

3. 熟练使用CAD及Solidworks等2D,3D绘图软件;

Familiar with 2D and 3D drawing software such as CAD and Solidworks;

4. 经验:具备新能源汽车线束/连接器产品设计研发5年以上工作经验;

Experience: more than 5 years of work experience in the design and development of new energy vehicle wire harness/connector products;

要申请此工作 请将您的详细情况发送到以下邮箱 ben.lee@crseek.com