Quality Director


Quality Director

官网 A specialized company from Europe providing steel Products

A specialized company from Europe providing steel Products, has been in operations in China with manufacturing center in Qingdao for more than 10 years, with fast moving of business, now they are looking for

Title: Quality Director

Location: Qingdao

Report to: GM


工作内容 Job Description:

1 统筹公司质量管理体系;

Setup the quality controlling system of company.

2  建立并完善质量管理流程与体系,制定和完善公司内产品质量的相关管理制度,并付诸于有效;

Establish and improve the quality of management processes and systems, to develop and improve the quality of the company’s related product management system and into effective.

3 带领质量管理团队,实现公司对产品质量管理的战略目标;

Lead the QA team to achieve the strategic objectives of company’s product quality management.

4 与相关部室进行有效的协调与沟通;

Coordinate with other departments efficiently.

5 与国内外客户进行有效的协调与沟通,确保为客户提供高效的售后质量服务,并有效将客户对质量的要求信息传达至公司制造部,以及后续对质量改进工作的跟进;

Do efficient communication with both civil or abroad clients on quality issues, and bring strong after-sale-service to clients, and also transfer the need information of clients on quality to production, and follow up the improving work of production.

6 及时处理生产中出现的质量问题,并付诸于有效的解决办法;

Deal with and Quality problems during producing process, and implement the efficient solution for those problems.

7 依据月度质量分析统计输出的内部、参与供应商评价、外部客户异常重要问题、组织召开公司周、月度质量汇报与改进会议进行分析、改进;

Follow up the trial production and production process of key and new products, and assist the engineer to solve the technical problems in the production process quickly.

8 跟进重点及新产品的试产和生产过程,辅导工程师快速解决生产过程中出现的技术问题;

Follow up the trial production and production process of key and new products, and assist engineers to solve technical problems in the production process quickly.

9 有效组织并完成客户审核;

Organize and complete customer audit effectively.

10 督导下属工作,培训下属,不断挖掘员工潜力;

Supervise and train subordinate staff on QC or technology background, keep stimulating the potential of staff.

11 完成总经理临时交办的各项工作任务。

Fulfill other duties allocated by VGM efficiently.


任职资格 Position Qualification:

教育背景 Education Background:

1 机械化焊接或相关专业本科以上学历。

Major in mechanized welding or other related field from university.

培训经历 Trained Record:

2 受过ISO9000等方面的培训以及相关技术质量管理的专业培训。

Have been trained in ISO9000 quality controlling and other management field.

经    验 Experience:

3 5年以上相关工作经验,3年以上技术质量部经理工作经验。

More than 5 years works experience and 3 years experience on position of Tech & QC manager.

技能技巧 Management Skill:

4 熟悉钢结构或金属制造业的产品技术质量管理;

Have systematic understanding and rich experience on QA management in field of metal structure or metal product manufacture.

5 熟练的英文听、说、读、写能力。

Be proficient in English.

态    度 Attitude:

6 具有战略、策略化思维,有能力建立、整合不同的工作团队;

Be strategic and capable to setup, organize different kinds of team.

7 具有解决复杂问题的能力;

Be capable to solve some complicated issues.

8 很强的计划性和实施执行的能力;

Be methodic and organizable

9 诚信、客观、严谨、负责、敬业;

Be trust-worthy, practical, precise, responsible and hardworking.

10 具有很强的人际沟通、协调、组织能力以及高度的团队精神。

Be as team worker player strongly and good at communicating, coordinating,

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