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Purchasing Manager

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One of the largest multinational food manufactures of the world

Our Client is a multinational food manufacturers – providing innovative food solutions for poultry, beef, pork, fish, baked goods. With lots of manufacturing facilities around the world,In China, they have been in operation for more than 30 years with manufacturing sites in  Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei, Shangdong, Henan, Fujian, now with the business fast moving, they are are looking for a high caliber as


Job Post:  Purchasing Manager,manage a team of 2-3 members

Report to: GM 

Job location: shangdong


Job  Duties:

1.   Responsible for the company’s feed raw materials, veterinary drugs, vaccine procurement management, overall quality, price, and delivery factors to develop the optimal procurement plan to meet production and operation needs of the enterprise.负责公司饲料原辅料、兽药、疫苗的采购管理,统筹质量、价格及交期因素制定最优的采购方案以满足企业的生产经营需要。
2.   Responsible for investigating and evaluating the market information of feed raw materials, veterinary drugs and vaccines, timely tracking the price changes, providing reasonable inventory and procurement suggestions for the company, to achieve effective control of procurement costs.负责调查、评估饲料原辅料、兽药、疫苗的市场信息,及时跟踪掌握价格行情变化,为公司提供合理的库存和采购建议,以实现采购成本的有效管控。


3.   Responsible for improving the procurement system, evaluating, managing, and developing suppliers according to the supply channels and market changes, effectively supervising the implementation of procurement process and procurement contract.负责健全采购体系,针对供应渠道和市场变化情况,做好供应商的评估、管理和开发工作,有效监督采购流程与采购合同的执行情况
4.   Responsible for coordinating the demand of feed raw materials and auxiliary materials with the actual consumption and reporting the market situation and the implementation of procurement regularly. Form purchasing report for general manager to understand the status of purchasing work.负责协调好饲料原辅料等生产资料的需求与实际耗用,定期汇报市场行情及采购实施情况,并形成采购报告(报表)供总经理了解采购工作的相关状况。


5.   Responsible for guiding subordinates to carry out purchasing related work normally and make effective evaluation; Effectively coordinate business relationship with various departments.负责指导下属正常开展采购相关工作,并予以有效评估;有效协调与各部门之间的业务联系。

Job Qualification


2.   Regardless of age or gender. More than ten years working experience in feed purchasing, at least three years of working experience in the same position. Having the feed purchasing working background of large-scale poultry enterprise is preferred.年龄性别不限,十年以上饲料采购的工作经验,三年以上相同岗位的工作资历,具备规模化禽类企业饲料采购工作背景的优先。

3.   College degree or above, major in animal husbandry or management. Proficient in the market trends of feed industry, with mature experience in the channel management of bulk raw materials and the development of key customers.畜牧、管理类相关专业大专及以上学历,熟练掌握饲料行业的市场动向,在大宗原料的渠道管理与重点客户开发方面具备成熟经验。


4.   Good computer skills, basic network knowledge; Good communication and execution skills, proactive and able to work under pressure.熟练使用计算机,具备基本的网络知识;良好的沟通和执行能力,工作积极主动,能承受一定的工作压力。


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