Purchasing Manager


Purchasing Manager

A specialized company orginally from Europe providing steel Products

A specialized company , orginally from Europe providing steel Products, has been in operations in China with manufacturing center in Qingdao for more than 10 years, with fast moving of business, now they are looking for
Title: Purchasing Manager
Location: Qingdao
Report to: GM

Responsibilities and Duties
1. Lead the procurement team to meet and support different business development needs;带领采购团队满足并支持不同的业务发展需求;
2. Determine changes in procurement strategies and supplier needs based on market trends to achieve the best price, delivery and quality;根据市场趋势确定采购策略的变化和供应商的需求,以达到的价格、交货期和质量
3. Manage supplier dashboards to monitor supplier performance and ensure timely deliveries;管理供应商面板,监控供应商绩效,确保及时交货
4. Manage day-to-day procurement activities to support operational and construction needs;管理日常采购活动,以支持运营和建设需求
5. Manage the ERP purchase and payment process, including material and supplier master data, optimize the purchase process to improve procurement efficiency;管理ERP采购付款流程,包括物料和供应商主要数据,优化购买流程,以提高采购效率
6. The management team establishes the bidding process to secure the procurement through the best contract conditions according to the Veolia Group procurement process;-管理团队建立投标流程,根据威立雅集团采购流程,通过合规的合同条件确保采购
7. Establishment and optimization of industrial procurement processes in line with Company requirements;-建立符合公司要求的采购流程并进行优化
8. Formulate annual procurement plan, including saving action plan, supplier strategic plan, category management plan, etc.;-制定年度采购计划,包括节约行动计划,供应商战略计划,品类管理计划等;
9. Regularly provide expenditure analysis, market trend analysis, procurement savings and other reports;-定期提供支出分析,市场趋势分析,采购节约等报告;
10. Direct and manage purchasing team members to continuously improve purchasing efficiency and productivity;-指导和管理采购团队成员,不断提供采购效率和生产力;

Job Qualifications
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of purchase work experience in large manufacturing enterprises, including more than 3 years of purchase management experience; 本科及以上学历,7年以上大型制造企业采购工作经验,其中3年以上采购管理工作经验;
2. Familiar with all kinds of metal and mechnical parts product 有机械部件和金属部件、钢结构产品工作经验尤佳;
3. Excellent coordination, communication, organization and learning ability;有极强的协调、沟通、组织能力及学习能力
4. Team Management skills with coaching skills and people development skills, 良好的团队管理技巧和人员管理能力

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