Project Manager


Project Manager

A Specialized Company from a Western country with Consumer Equipment products

The hiring company belongs to a group offering high-end consumer equipment , which is a public listed company from a western and developed country, consisting of more than 10 manufacturing facilities around the world, now with the business fast expansion, they are looking for

Job Title: Project Manager;
Job location: Dongguan City,Shipai Town
Job Responsibilities
* Make BOM according to the structure of product and technical specifications. And then work together with production department to input it to ERP system.
* Come up with solutions to technical problems that appear during development and production .
* In charge of preparation of drawings and distribution to relevant departments
* Prepare fixtures or jigs according to the structure of product.
* Propose part manufacturing technologies and review with relevant experts, Make product assembly flow chart .
* Make QC protocol and SOP.
* Follow up project development progress and pilot production.

Related Experience
* Knowledge in plastics EPP (Expanded polypropylene 发泡聚丙烯) & Good project management experience
English skill
* Fluent English, Ability to communicate with foreign clients regarding product design and project development issues

Knowledge & skill
* Master the basic knowledge and skills of product design.
* Master the properties, trial methods and selection of commonly used plastic materials.
* Master the project development procedures and cross-department communication skills.
* Master the design of fixtures and the use of fixtures to improve production efficiency.
* Understand workshop production SOPs and product standards.
* Ability to solve engineering problems in daily production to ensure production.
* Ability to communicate with foreign clients regarding product design and project development issues.

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