Project Manager


Project Manager

  • Vietnam

A Specialized Company from a Western country with Consumer Equipment products

The hiring company belongs to a group offering high-end consumer equipment , which is a public listed company from a western and developed country, consisting of more than 10 manufacturing facilities around the world, now with the business fast expansion, they are looking for

Job Title: Production Project Manager

Reporting to China Operation Manager (based in China)

Job location:  Vietnam (Will require a relocation period of 6 months to Dongguan China for training)

Job Responsibilities

* Reporting to and receiving directly order/instruction/guidance from Operation Manager of the company.

* Monitoring and managing the progresses of NPI.

* Monitoring and managing progress of process improvement projects.

* Coordinate and prioritize the allocation of engineering resource of product leaders Project engineers and supporting


* Researching and solving the technical problems in NPI, providing needed design for manufacturing and process


* Providing engineering technical support to production and other departments.

* Defining the production processes and technical guidance.

* Ensuring all processes, tools and equipment reach the required standards at NPI phases.

* Providing the technical data and coordinate technical efforts to solve customer complaints, after-sales service and

production-related technical problems.

Job Qualification


  • Native speaking Vietnamese
  • Proficient English
  • Speaking Chinese- will be an advantage
  • Technical knowledge or experience. will be an advantage
  • Experience in manufacturing or assembly will be an advantage

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