Project Manager


Project Manager

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A Multinational Company with OEM Products for First-class Brands

Our client is Consumer Equipment manufacturing Group , consisting 9 OEM manufacturers with the products like free gym, yoga and kid’s summer camps , which is an established WOFE company,  with R&d Center in China , skilled at producing complex projects for the world’s first-class brands. Now with the business fast expansion, they are looking for

Job Title: project manager (need R&D design background);

Subordinates: 2-3 staff

Job location:  Dongguan City

Reporting to GM from Overseas

Job Responsibilities

* Suggest mechanical design proposal and generate CAD models, review design proposal with GM and clients and make decisions.

* Make BOM according to the structure of product and technical specifications. And then work together with production department to input it to ERP system.

* Responsible to release and implement ECN.

* Come up with solutions to technical problems that appear during development and production .

* In charge of preparation of drawings and distribution to relevant departments

* Prepare MMR, MCR, MTA, give feedback to mold department and follow up it.

* Make prototype and sample.

* Prepare fixtures or jigs according to the structure of product.

* Propose part manufacturing technologies and review with relevant experts, Make product assembly flow chart .

* Make QC protocol and SOP.

* Follow up project development progress and pilot production.



Academic Background :   *  mechanical Design,

Related Experience    *  More than 10 years’ experience in product development and project management

English skill    * Fluent English

Skills requirement

* Proficient in drawing mechanical drawings using corresponding software, such as AutoCAD, Solid works.

* Master the basic knowledge and skills of mechanical product design.

* Familiar with the standards and representation of engineering drawings. Master the selection and marking of tolerance fits.

* Master the properties, trial methods and selection of commonly used metal and plastic materials.

* Master the project development procedures and cross-department communication skills.

* Master the design of fixtures and the use of fixtures to improve production efficiency.

* Understand workshop production SOPs and product standards.

* Ability to solve engineering problems in daily production to ensure production.

* Ability to communicate with foreign clients regarding product design and project development issues.

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