Production Manager


Production Manager


Our Client is an international company with headquarter in China and subsidiaries around the world including USA, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, a well-known and publicly listed company with electronic component products, to meet with the business growing, they are looking for

Job Post: Production Manager 生产经理;
Report to: Plant GM 工厂经理;
Team member:6-7
Job location: Heshan, close to Nanhai ,鹤山,靠近佛山

Job Duties:
1.Coordination and control of the production process in order to release the planned production orders, respecting the quality standards requested by the client;为实现生产计划订单,在满足客户的质量标准的前提下,协调并管控生产流程。
2. Ensuring the realization of the planned production;确保生产按计划完成。
3.Optimal management of the human resources and materials in the Production department;优化管理生产部的人员及物料。
4.Ensuring the observance of the work procedures and instructions in the Production areas, collaborating with the Training, Technical and Logistics departments;与培训,技术及物流部门合作,确保生产是按照工作程序及作业指导书执行。
5.Ensuring the observance of the quality norms, collaborating with the Quality department;与质量部合作,确保遵守质量标准。
6.Ensuring the observance of the work health and security norms;确保遵守职业健康及安全要求。
7.Ensuring the discipline of the personnel under his subordination;确保下属人员遵守纪律


1. Bachelor Degree with Engineering bacground 大学以上学历(汽车专业、机加专业、机电一体化专业、焊接, 电子专业等)
2. 5 years experience with 3 years exp for managing a team 5年相关行业的工作经验,其中3年在管理岗位
3. Experience in team management, from the system to the team building up计划组织、沟通协调能力,组建团队并培养团队合作能力,建立体系和程序能力,影响他人能力。
4. Some systems such as ISO9001,QS9000(APQP、PPAP、FMEA、MSA、SPC、QSA), TS16949等质量管理体系。掌握生产管理、精益生产、物流、6西格玛等
5. Familiar with the production operation with site management 熟悉生产制造的部门运作和流程,擅长生产控制及现场管理,精通生产制造的各个环节;
6. Good communication skills and can work under pressure具备较强的综合协调能力和组织管理能力,能够承受高强度的工作压力;
7. Basic Engilish skill in written and reading 有一定的英文读写能力。

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