Material Engineer


Material Engineer

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  1. Standardize the selection range of metal materials for different parts of products;
  2. Determination and confirmation of chemical components of metal materials;
  3. Designing the metal products and testing the prototype;
  4. Support the kick-off activities for the production of metal materials and solve the problems occurring in the production process;
  5. Support the continuous improvement of existing products in materials, meet customer requirements and improve product quality;
  6. Make the test scheme for metal products and be responsible for the test report;
  7. Collect and summarize the information of existing common metal materials and special metal materials, and update the metal material database;
  8. Participate in the research and development of new materials for metal material suppliers.

Professional requirements:

  1. Education and training: Bachelor degree or above in materials engineering, materials science, metal materials and related majors.
  2. Working experience: have working experience in metal material testing, be familiar with conventional metal material testing equipment and testing standards, and have the ability of material application failure analysis; Familiar with domestic and international material standards and specifications, material characteristics and technical development of metal material industry;

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