Manufacturing Engineering Manager


Manufacturing Engineering Manager

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A Multinational Company providing OEM services to Consumer Industry

Job Responsibilities

* Reporting to and receiving directly order/instruction/guidance from NPI Head of the company.

* Monitoring and managing the progresses of NPI.

* Monitoring and managing progress of process improvement projects.

* Coordinate and prioritize the allocation of engineering resource of product leaders Project engineers and supporting engineers.

* Researching and solving the technical problems in NPI, providing necessary design for manufacturing and process improvement.

* Providing engineering technical support to production and other departments.

* Participating in the related meeting of NPI Management Committee and implementing the final decisions made

* Defining the production processes and technical guidance.

* Ensuring all processes, tools and equipment reach the required standards at NPI phases.

* Providing the technical data and coordinate technical efforts to solve customer complaints, after-sales service and production-related technical problems.


* Bachelor or above with Mechanical/Chemical/Materials engineering degree

* With 3+ years engineering managing experience

* Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing

* Strong leadership and people management skills

* Strong communication and presentation skills

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