Manufacturing Engineering Manager 生产工程经理


Manufacturing Engineering Manager 生产工程经理

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A Multinational Company providing OEM services to Consumer Industry

Our client is Consumer Equipment manufacturing Group , consisting 9 OEM manufacturers with the product free gym, yoga and kid’s summer camps , which is an established Western-owned manufacturing facility, with R&d Center in China , skilled at producing complex projects for the world’s best brands. Taking on the most challenging ideas to deliver a quality product with 1200 employees in Dongguan Site, Now with the business Fast expansion, they are looking for


Guides and manages several engineering teams, responsible for NPI, process characterization and Verification and process improvement, supporting production, R&D, commercial and special projects where required.

Job Responsibilities

* Reporting to and receiving directly order/instruction/guidance from NPI Head of the company.

* Monitoring and managing the progresses of NPI.

* Monitoring and managing progress of process improvement projects.

* Coordinate and prioritize the allocation of engineering resource of product leaders Project engineers and supporting engineers.

* Researching and solving the technical problems in NPI, providing necessary design for manufacturing and process improvement.

* Providing engineering technical support to production and other departments.

* Participating in the related meeting of NPI Management Committee and implementing the final decisions made

* Defining the production processes and technical guidance.

* Ensuring all processes, tools and equipment reach the required standards at NPI phases.

* Providing the technical data and coordinate technical efforts to solve customer complaints, after-sales service and production-related technical problems.


* Bachelor or above with Mechanical/Chemical/Materials engineering degree

* With 3+ years engineering managing experience

* Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing

* Strong leadership and people management skills

* Strong communication and presentation skills

* Experience in the industry of baby carrier or automotive is preferred

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