Lean and IE Manager 精益生产经理


Lean and IE Manager 精益生产经理

A Specialized Company with OEM services for Top Brands Wordwide

The hiring company belongs to a group offering high-end consumer equipment , which is a public listed company from a western and developed country, consisting of more than 10 manufacturing facilities around the world, now with the business fast expansion, they are looking for



Job Title: Lean and IE Manager

Subordinates: 4-6

Job location: Dongguan City

Reporting to Operation Manager




1.Design and improve work methods (work hour balance/analysis, process/bottleneck improvement);


2.Standard working hours, capacity assessment, operation standard time setting and measurement;


3.Logistics planning and improvement (area/division/moving route/inventory/consumption, etc.);


  1. Cooperate with field personnel to improve the current operation;


5.Cost calculation and analysis (quality/efficiency/energy/consumption cost);


  1. Setup and improvement of tooling and fixture;


  1. Quality analysis and management;


  1. Plant and workshop layout setting;


  1. Promoted the field lean production improvement project.






Academic Background : College degree or above, Major in industrial engineering, business management, etc.



Related Experience


  1. At least 8 years IE related working experience.


  1. With working experience in consulting company and more than 5 years of lean production management in large manufacturing industry.


Knowledge & skill


  1. Major in industrial engineering or mechanical related, at least 3 years working experience in the same position;


  1. Familiar with seven IE techniques, able to effectively improve and standardize the site;


  1. Proficient in CAD/ Office software;


  1. Be able to promote the introduction of automation equipment, tool improvement and process evaluation;


  1. Understand the factory operation process, have experience in enterprise process optimization, understand the ISO framework, have the ability of cost analysis and improvement;


  1. IE working experience in large and medium-sized enterprises is preferred;


  1. Independently complete line balance analysis, process improvement, site improvement, etc.; Can skillfully use IE techniques to improve, to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and improving efficiency; Skilled in using AutoCAD to plan the facilities in the factory; Ability to use IE tools to analyze breakpoints and improve them;


  1. Good communication skills and team work spirit;


English skill


Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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