Electrical Design Engineer (电气设计工程师)


Electrical Design Engineer (电气设计工程师)

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A Global Leading Company with Connector Products

Our client  is an American wholly owned multinational corporation. The company mainly produces various electronic connectors and related components. The company has advanced production technology and equipment, in the world has five production bases , with sales and subsidiaries all over the world. In Asia, there are high-end R&D bases, as well as design and R&D centers of automatic assembly machines, which mainly support global product r&d, design and improvement, and serve and support global customers. In order to maintain global competitiveness, also has precision die, mold design and development capabilities., Now with the business Fast expansion, they are looking for

Job Title: electrical design engineer

Job location:  Dongguan City,石碣镇,

Design, specify electrical and pneumatic controls systems for automated machines.


Essential Functions/Responsibilities 基本职能/职责:

  1. Design schematics \pneumatic diagram\ panel layouts for custom automated equipment.

为自动化设备设计电气原理图、气路图、3D 布局图;

  1. Select the motor, electrical and pneumatic components to be used in the new equipment.


  1. Generate bill of materials and purchase electrical and pneumatic components.

创建电气元件 BOM 表并下 PR 采购。

  1. Structured Text programming of Trio Multi Axis Motion Controller, and familiar with Beckhoff,

Trio will be perfect.

熟练使用结构化文本语言, 熟悉 Beckhoff, Trio 多轴运动控制器编程优先。

  1. Programming of Red Lion Operator Interfaces.

对人机界面 Red Lion 进行编程

  1. Ladder Logic Programming of Automation Direct PLC.

梯形图语言编程 PLC

  1. Develop and manage electrical projects, trouble shouting and upgrades, etc.

管理电气案件,异常处理, 及相应的升级更新。


Required Experience 经验要求:

  1. Operational knowledge of control relays, pneumatic solenoids, PLC’s, servomotors, motion

controllers, operator interfaces, etc.

具备 PLC, HMI,伺服系统,运动控制,气动元件及控制型继电器等电气知识.

  1. Experience with motor sizing.


  1. Familiar with PLC and motion controller programming and electrical control circuit design, Experience in ST programming is preferred. (3-5 years)

具备 3 至 5 年 PLC 或运动控制编程和电路设计经验,熟悉 ST 语言编程优先.

  1. Proficient in a CAD. Experience in EPLAN is preferred.

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