Corpation Tax Manager 集团税务经理


Corpation Tax Manager 集团税务经理


Our Client is an international company with headquarter in China and subsidiaries around the world including USA, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, a well-known and publicly listed company with electronic component products, to meet with the business growing, they are looking for

Job Post: Corp Tax Manager 集团税务经理
Report to: Corp Fin Director集团财务总监
Job location: Shenzhen, 深圳

Job Duties:
1. 审核公司对外报送的各项税务报表、文件资
For the day-to-day Tax operation and reporting management
2. 了解公司经营情况,参与公司经营性合同的审核,解答公司各部门的税务咨询,事前控制税收风险。
Tax filing including monthly VAT and export VAT refund management and risk management
3. 合法开展税收筹划,推动高新技术企业的认定。
In charge of yearly tax segmental /RPT/TPD reports preparation and providing meaningful analysis to management team
4. 搭建公司税务管理构架;建立规范的税务操作体系。
Building up the tax System and tax operation Procedure internally
5. 应对可能发生的税务质询和税务检查,事后积极补救化解税务风险。
In charge of PRC and CIT audit, maintain good communication with local tax authorities
6. 加强自身知识的更新与提高,加强公司内部的税法知识培训和宣传,应对复杂多变的税收环境。
Providing tax advisory services to business units and support business growth

Job Qualification:

1. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration required; 要求有会计、金融或工商管理方面的学士学位;
2. 至少 3 年以上制造工厂财务工作经验,3年及以上企业税务相关经验,熟悉国家相关税务政策、法律法规 ,税务事务所优先
3+ years working experience in tax related with the manufacturing entity, tax consulting firm will be a plus
3. 有较强的税务管理能力,能够在严格的期限内满足税务合规和国际财务报告准则报告的需要,能够在快节奏的工作环境中同时处理多项任务。
Strong management skills with the ability to meet strict deadlines for tax compliance and IFRS reporting needs, ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast paced work environment.-
4. 对中国税收政策有广泛而全面的了解,包括对国际税收原则有一定的了解。
Extensive and comprehensive knowledge of China tax principals and at least a working knowledge of international tax principles.
5. 有良好的沟通能力和团队协作精神,工作积极主动,能在压力下工作
Good communication skill, team spirit,can work under great pressure
6. CET-4,熟练读写,会简单的口语
Good command of English, can read and write, basic oral English

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