Connector Design Engineer


Connector Design Engineer

A Global Leading Company offering Interconnect Products

The hiring company is from the USA with a history for more than 50 years, the company offering interconnect solutions , with more than 10,000 employees and about 50 design centers and branches worldwide as well as 15 manufacturing facilities globally, their target markets includes data centers, storage, high speed industrial, test and measurement, military, and medical etc, with a sales revenue of about $1 billion. Now with fast moving business growing-up, looking for the post as

Job Post: Connector design engineer

Job location: Dongguan city

Reporting to: R&D Manager;

Job Duties:

1. Design and develop connector systems for new and existing products, considering factors such as electrical performance, mechanical strength, environmental durability, and manufacturability.

2. Perform detailed engineering analysis to ensure the connector design meets the specified requirements and performance criteria.

3. Create and maintain technical drawings, specifications, and documentation related to the connector designs.

4. Collaborate with other engineering teams (such as electrical, mechanical, and systems) to ensure smooth integration of the connector systems into the overall product design.

5. Prototype and test connector designs to validate performance and identify potential issues.

6. Work with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality connector components.

7. Participate in failure analysis and troubleshooting activities to identify and resolve connector-related issues.

8. Stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies in connector design and materials.

9. Continuously improve the connector design processes and methods to enhance efficiency and product quality.

10. Support the production team in resolving any technical issues related to connector systems during manufacturing.


* Junior college degree or above, mechanical engineering or related major


* At least 5 years connector design work experience, be familliar with connector manufacturing process, can solve the design

and manufacturing problem independently

连接器行业5年以上产品设计工作经验, 熟悉连接器相关制程,能够独立分析解决连接器产品设计和制程问题

* skillful in Solid Wokr etc. 3D software, can handle with all NPI independently

熟练使用Solidwork 等3D设计软件, 能独立处理产品验证,新产品开发

* Good communication skill, can work in a team


* CET 4 or above, good English reading and writing , oral English good is preferred


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